03/21/16 Information overload is a good thing. Gathering information that challenged me and caused me to think is a powerful tool that has made me rethink what I’m aiming toward in life. After four days in Beijing with other students who are just as interested in U.S.-China relations and who challenged me in thought through […]

家乡 | jiāxiāng | hometown

03/17/2016 Have you ever felt the breeze of a lakefront? Or heard the soft rustle of tree branches, as if they are whispering 轻松 ( qīngsōng | relaxed) words? I stood on the tower platform overlooking Yangcheng Lake yesterday and took in the fresh air as I stared over the familiar view: on the right, the […]

Surreal: Perceptions

03/15/2016 When something is surreal, the mind believes a false perception that life is distorted. Today, as I sat in the car from the Shanghai airport to Kunshan, this feeling fell over me and I new the process had begun. The process of shifting, from place to another, that requires a satisfaction of something new, […]

Reflections// Lessons learned

Right now I am sitting in my kitchen eating dinner and drinking hot water. It’s almost 1AM in the morning. These very actions exemplify my adjustment to life at home, as in I’m suffering terribly from jetlag (13 hour time difference) and I miss the warmth of hot water 热水 that can be found in every […]

Reflections// 中国和谐

Caution. On October 1, China’s National Holiday, I was watching CNN in the comfort of my Swissotel room when abruptly the T.V. went blank. As in the T.V. screen went black without any warning or indication that the CNN channel would  temporarily be suspended. I changed the channel several times and returned to CNN, only to be […]

Reflections Introduction//到了美国

A 20 hour train ride from the Kunshan train sation, 2 hour bus ride from the Beijing train station, 13 hour plane ride from the Beijing airport, 3 hour wait in Newark, New York and another 2 hour plane ride to the heart of Ohio later, I arrived in Columbus, Ohio at 10pm on Friday night. With tears in my […]